Harmony, Color & Flavor

Harmony, color and good flavor, three elements that enunciate everything that comes to my mind when I am preparing one of my meals. When I close my eyes, I see myself standing up in the kitchen of my house, (I was no more than 11 years) when I started to discover the wonderful alchemy of the kitchen; following my mother’s steps, an institution in the art of the preparation of foods, I emulated her and without realizing, I was creating my own recipes, and in between pots and pans an independent kitchen was born, with which nowadays I please the palates of those who gives me the numerous opportunity to serve them.

“Harmony, color and good flavor, have been my horizons in this marvelous trip that I have been doing for the last years and the one have allowed me to extract the best things of each of my experiences to turn them in the form of divine dishes.”

Regardless of the size of the event, I do my best to show through my dishes that the food celebrates and commemorates any special occasion, when taking care of a wedding I always try leaving a memory in the palate of all under the complicity of the groom and bride. The baptisms in which people gather to celebrate a religious moment; the anniversaries that mark the time with the certainty offering aromas, flavors and textures bringing back happy or graceful anecdotes; married proposals in which the fiancé ask me to please cook something light thinking of the nerves by the arrival of that great moment.

Every day I give my clientele the opportunity to discover the secrets that the kitchen keeps from many corners of the world, beginning with recipes from my natal Venezuela, giving them also a promenade of taste and essences of Mediterranean, Thailand’s, Italian, the Caribbean one, in summary, an endless recipes decorated with the love and that passion that is born from my heart and through my hands I can present them in each of my creations.

Throughout all these years, I have had the fortune to serve during the running as numerous soap operas in the city of Miami, after seeing the hard work they do, camera men, sound engineers, utility staffs, technicians and actors. I thought their meal should be for each of them, a reward that from the first mouthful the flavors exploded in their mouths making them think that all that work was worth it.

My three elements have arrived at the palates of celebrities, corporative foundations, events, executive aircrafts and, of course to my relatives and friends, it is little by little that the expression of my food has become a language that does not have barriers, we can express anything we desire “Congratulations”, “You deserve it”, “Thank you” and much more.

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